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It Would Appear That You Like Discount Jerky


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It Would Appear That You Like Discount Jerky

Marcos Espinoza

So, there was a flood of orders for our Father's Day/Jerky Day blowout. A FLOOD!

Perhaps it's the IPA talking (it's definitely the IPA talking), but I think we'll go ahead and keep the sale going for another few days to give you an opportunity to enjoy some delicious jerky at a great price (without being guilted into a kickstarter campaign or emailed relentlessly with a subject like "you need this now or you'll die because our product is basically oxygen and water combined so buy it and please don't abandon your shopping cart.").

Yup, the IPA has definitely taken control of the keyboard.

Anyhoo, jerky's going to be $5 plus shipping until further notice. Thanks for your continued business and hunger for the best dried meats your money can buy. Cheers!

*pours one more IPA for good measure*