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Future So Bright

Marcos Espinoza

Admittedly cheesy (like our long lost Cheesesteak flavor we're still really hoping to bring back at some point), but apropos for today's modern gentleman. We're all working toward living our best life, whether by making jerky, eating jerky, or other worldly pursuits. This dude I went to high school with is en route to Mt. Everest and is attempting to summit the north side without the use of oxygen. Man, what a bad ass.

No matter what you do, we here at Side Project Jerky want you to look your best while doing it, so we went ahead and solved your Summer eyewear issue and made some super sweet shades. All you need to do is order 3 or more packages and we'll include them with your shipment. So beat the masses, order some jerky, and go get yourself some cheap sunglasses.